Our Story

Our story begins with Hanna. Hanna is a friend of one of our co-founders who was drugged and sexually abused while on her way home. This story, along with many others, compelled our team to actually go out and do something about it. We said to ourselves, no more Hannas! We are done with sexism and misogyny. While violence against women is an epidemic, not everyone (especially men) understands the scope of the problem. This is why our solution is to give women a tool to influence authorities and businesses via our app. Our vision is to change society so that no one is afraid or in danger simply because they are a woman.

Our Values

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Belonging to an online community is like living in a moving neighbourhood that supports you and keeps an eye on your things. That’s why, besides belonging to Spher’s Communities, we aim for you to create a sphere of people you trust that will keep an eye on your most beloved home: yourself. That is what brings safety, right? Because, the same way that health isn’t just the lack of disease but the entire feeling of well-being, safety isn’t just the lack of danger but the feeling of peace as a whole.

You may hear it all the time and think ‘duh, of course’, but let us tell you why our users are so important to us: because we are more than a product, but rather, we are a movement. We are people, and we are all tired of patriarchy. To tackle the problem, we must find solutions, and an app alone isn’t a solution – we are, the people. The users sit at the centre of our decision-making process and guide our progress. We are going to, and we will, change society.

We are just an app. Although we want to change the world, create great communities and delete misogyny from the subtext of the news, we know that each one of us encounters distress or danger in different ways and under different circumstances. We just want to give you all the tools, all the knowledge, and all the capability we can give to empower you. But you know, and we know, that the power is within you and that only you are the hero of your own story.

Knowing how to perform CPR can save someone’s life and knowing how to deal with pimples can be the difference between gaining more acne or make it go away. Understanding how things work, physically or emotionally, why they happen and the best ways to process them, can make a huge difference in our lives. Knowledge brings not only more safety but the power of clear decisions that can lead to better choices and thus better results for each one of us.

Let’s be very clear about it: gender equality isn’t real. Not yet. It makes beautiful titles on blogs, modern hashtags, and deep conversations, but in the end, gender equality is not happening in everyday life. And when the things that we want do not exist, we dream of the day when they will become real. We believe that dreams bring goals and goals bring focus, and only with that focus, we can achieve whatever we want to achieve. We want gender equality now. You might say that we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones.

Our SDGs